Impulse Data Warehousing and OLAP Solution Outperforms Google BigQuery by 3x

Benchmark Summary

Benchmarking Method

  1. Prepared the SSB data using a publicly available data gen tool,
  2. The data was loaded using Impulse scalable ETL platform. We configured Impulse to store data in HDFS in parquet format.
  3. Impulse was configured to load the data into the data warehouse at the end of the ETL process.
  4. We loaded the parquet dataset into the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket and created tables in BigQuery. The data was loaded into BigQuery from the GCS bucket.
  5. We executed the 13 queries that were provided in the original SSB paper,
  6. All 13 queries were executed on both Impulse and BigQuery and query result times were recorded. The same queries were repeated 5 times and the results were aggregated.

Data Preparation

Impulse Data Warehousing Cluster Details

Query Execution Performance Result

Price-Performance Comparison

Impulse Data Warehouse Features

  1. Blazing fast and scalable database for ad hoc analytics and online analytical processing (OLAP)
  2. A fully integrated ETL to ingest data from a wide variety of data sources and formats, transform, and build an automated data pipeline to load and index data for interactive and ad hoc query.
  3. Fully integrated web-based visualization and BI engine to create interactive dashboards.
  4. JDBC and Restful APIs are available to connect with third party BI tools.




Author, inventor and thought leader in computer vision, machine learning, and AI. 4 US Patents.

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Sam Ansari

Sam Ansari

Author, inventor and thought leader in computer vision, machine learning, and AI. 4 US Patents.

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